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Basement Waterproofing Specialist Since 1999
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On-Call Waterproofing provides permanent waterproofing solutions, accomplished with an exterior sealant and well-designed drainage system. On-Call Waterproofing performs expert repairs and new installations, which can involve:

  • Excavation
  • Wall Restoration
  • Sewer & Drain Tile Work
  • Sealant Application
  • Drainage System
  • Backfill & Complete Landscape/Hardscape

We offer sound basement waterproofing systems to protect the integrity of a home's foundation and walls against cracking, wood rot, pest infestation and mold. On the other hand, improper or deteriorated waterproofing systems pose serious risks to health, safety, property and home value. On-Call can show learn what to look for, and how we can help protect your family, home and possessions.

Your basement is the foundation of your home. It is essential to keep it in good repair. If your basement is wet, damp, musty, leaking or your basement walls are showing signs of cracks or bowing it is best to call an expert to review the problem. Timely action will save you money. On-Call Waterproofing has a team of experts in basement health. We can identify the source of your basement water problem and offer a permanent solution. We have sewer scopes with video which allows us to look into your sewers and identify the source of your troubles. We do not need to dig up your yard to find the problem.

Do you need a permanent basement waterproofing solution for your home?
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Still wondering if your basement needs expert attention?

You Might Need Basement Waterproofing If ...

...you're experiencing flooding, dampness or mold. Obviously, flooding merits a call for help. Other signs can be subtle. Early detection saves you money and aggravation. On-Call Waterproofing provides a free analysis, so it costs nothing to find out whether you're at risk.

If your basement suffers from any of the following problems, we can help:

  1. Mildew - found in corners and near baseboards
    • gives off a musty, damp odor
    • Look for dark areas - it's a sign of moisture and possible seepage
  2. Discoloration - at the top of a wall means water is rising inside the wall, or something is causing it to move there.
  3. Mold - is a dead giveaway: it can be black, brown, yellow or green. Check along pipes, walls, carpets, wood - anywhere water collects. As it worsens, there will be an unmistakable stench.
  4. Flaking or Peeling - wall surfaces indicate dampness inside concrete, stone or brick.
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